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If you are currently renting, Rent-Cred is for you

Increase Your Credit Score 50 to 60 Points in Just 30 Days!

Did you know getting positive credit for paying your rent is the fastest way to build or repair credit? We can use your rent payments from the past 2 years to INSTANTLY raise your credit score.

Easy, no hassle way to build credit

We simply report the rent payments you're already making

Legal, safe, smart way to repair poor credit

Fast and easy sign up to start improving credit today!

This is the BEST way to build or improve credit FAST with no new long term contracts or commitments. We've been in the credit business for 15 years and have never seen anything that can match reporting your rent payments to build great credit.

Our Service Specializes in Building Your Credit Sore with Rent Payments You're Already Making

Nothing new to buy. No long term leases or contracts to sign. Unlike most other plans where you have to buy expensive cars, electronics, or furniture to build credit, you don't have to buy anything to benefit from our credit building and repair.

We simply use your monthly rent payments to quickly or gradually build your credit. It's true up to 24 months of past rent payments can be used to build and improve credit. For a lot of people, that means we can instantly bring your credit score UP 50 to 60 points in just 30 days.

No wonder credit experts are recommending reporting rent payments to the major credit bureaus. It's the easiest, smartest, most common sense way to build and repair consumer credit.

What is your credit costing you?

Better Credit Makes Life Easier!

Having no credit or poor credit can be a big problem in life. It's hard to get the things you want and need. You end up paying far more when buying a car or other major items. You may be shut out of buying a home. You may not even be able to qualify for credit cards and have to use cash everywhere you go. That can be inconvenient and sometimes embarrassing. You deserve better.

A growing number of people are renting an apartment, condo, townhouse, or single family home. It's a majority of many age groups. That means a huge section of the population is eligible for credit building and improvement simply by reporting your rent payments to the credit bureaus.

It's the cheap, effective way to give credit score a big boost, often in very little time!

No Need to Take On More Debt

Many other credit building and repair programs require you to take on more debt. You are told to buy expensive things on time, then make more monthly payments. Yet too many monthly financial commitments is clearly the reason many people find themselves in financial trouble.

You're always short on cash, stretching to make ends meet, and if anything goes wrong like extended illness or losing a job, you can end up missing those payments and destroying what credit you have.

Reporting your rent payments to the major credit bureaus is the smart, easy way to build credit without taking on another dollar in debt. In fact, your improved credit will help you pay less for many things in life. And give you far more opportunities to enjoy the good things you want and deserve.

Get started now. Sign up for our proven service reporting your rent payments to major credit institutions. This could raise your credit score 50 to 60 points in just 30 days.